Client References

 “Don is excellent in Public Affairs with a great grasp of what is essential to the clients needs and problems. He is also a pleasure to work with both for his skill and for his sense of humor and perspective. Don is and outstanding professional and a better friend. “

Peck Young,
Executive Director, ACC’s Center for Public Policy and Political Studies

 ” Don understands the process by which public policy gets made backwards and forwards. He is dedicated to his clients, which is why he accomplishes so much for them. On the few occasions when Don and I have disagreed over an approach to public policy, he has always been exceedingly gracious and responsive to me where we could find common ground. Finding common ground is the key to getting anything done; Don has that skill in abundance. He is a true public-policy expert. “

Alfred Stanley

 ” Don’s attention to his client’s needs is evident in the detail he pays to every aspect of a project. I can highly recommend Don to those who want to do business in the Austin area, or who need public consent, or to conduct public education on issues, or to obtain necessary government approvals. He knows how to play the political game in Austin, and he has earned enormous respect from those who are familiar with the Austin political landscape.  “

Monica Davis,
The Davis Group

 ” We hired Don to advise us on a complex public-private project we were undertaking in Central Texas. He immediately stepped up to the plate contributing to our successful strategy and all elements of the project from the early public approvals to the ultimate construction and commissioning of the project. To this day, Don has remained a role model for me on how to undertake complex and challenging real estate projects and have fun while you’re doing it! “

Eduardo Martinez,

 “Don is very knowledgeable in the areas of consulting, strategy, and lobbying and has been very helpful to our firm’s clients in the facilitation of governmental and community approvals for various projects. He is one of the very best in his field, and I highly recommend him.

Nikelle Meade,
Brown McCarroll

 “Don Martin provides valuable advice and quality results in building relationships with various publics. His depth of experience and knowledge combined with his ability to produce professional communication pieces makes him a valuable partner on any team.

Connie Watson,
Williamson County

 “Don Martin is one of the best in business for public affairs in the Austin region. He is personable, knowledgeable and gets results. Don’s ability to think “outside of the box” and produce a high quality work product is impressive.

Wendy Foster,
Winstead Consulting

 “Don’s depth of knowledge about PR, governmental affairs and business in multiple industries coupled with his expertise at strategy and process makes him an extremely valuable part of any team. This is a man who can get things done.

Ruben Rodriguez

 “Don and I have worked together on my two campaigns for mayor. He has great insight about matters he accepts to work on and does so with great efficiency, understanding, humor (as required in all campaigns), and results. He is the best.

Bruce Todd,
Owner, Bruce Todd Public Affairs and Public Policy Consultant

 “Don’s wisdom and insights in developing powerful and positive relationships in the community are spot on. He is a strategic thinker, while still understanding what’s practical and profitable today. All the while, his quick humor helps gets everyone through the crisis spots. Don rocks!

Charley Scarborough,
Executive Director of Development at Seton Healthcare Family

 “Don’s many years in public relations and public affairs have given him a deep well of experience to draw on. He knows the ins and outs. But he’s also kept up to date with the ways technology is changing in the PR world. One of his greatest strengths is his personal relationships–not just with a wide cross-section of the media, but also with decision-makers throughout Central Texas. Don is a problem-solver. 

Jeff Montgomery,
President, The Ampersand Agency

 “Don is one of the best, if not the best, of the Austin area’s PR/PA, strategic planning, crisis communications, and media relations professionals. I have always been impressed with the caliber of his work, his attention to detail, his problem solving abilities and his knowledge of PR. Beyond being successful at what he does, he is also, importantly, a very nice person to know!

Claude Gruener,
Austin Ink

 “Don is one of the most incredible public relations resources in the Austin area that I have ever met. His intuitive wisdom, wide connections, and sound advice sets him apart from all others. He is a political and PR mastermind. And he’s a pleasure to work with.

Rich Vandermeer,
US Land

 “Don is a cool and thoughtful hand when there is a PR crisis. But more importantly, he is someone you want on the team before there is a crisis. He has a keen sense of anticipating issues before they arise, which allows the team to address them proactively before there is a problem. To boot, he is a heck of a lot of fun to work with.

Phillip Schmandt,
McGinnis, Lochridge & Kilgore

 “I managed a high-profile public construction project that carried a long lead time, and required public affairs support and a well-thought out strategy to win. Don Martin provided the right contacts, strategy and insight to help us navigate some choppy waters and win the project. Don knows how to win.

Tim Garbutt

 “Don is the absolute best communications and community relations consultant in central Texas. He is experienced, wired and a pro in every sense of the word. There is none better.

Ken Plonski,
Del Web Corp, Senior V.P.; and Master Planned Communications