Reputation Management

Reputation Management has become an ever-growing part of my business, especially Internet Reputation Management.  With the rise of Social Media, there are incredible opportunities and positive benefits, but also the potential for very, very negative things.

 Such as postings about you from a disgruntled former employee, outright lies posted about you, or even the potential for Internet stalkers. The biggest challenge with the Internet is that it never forgets. What gets said on the Internet is forever.


Pretty soon the sharks are circling!
male frustration because of computer rumors or lies, looking at computer screen, is head in his handsWe are experienced in handling many of these issues, and to help make negative Google or Yahoo search results, or negative postings on websites and blogs (assuming they are untrue) diminish over time. Don’t believe those reputation websites that promise overnight results. If it sounds too good to be true…..

Reputation Workbook:  Not everyone can afford private consultation and pro-active repuation management work.  In November 2011 I published an E-book on Do It Yourself (DYI) Reputation Management and repair.   It’s also valuable reading for anyone who needs more help and wants to know about the process.    In January 2014 Amazon added it as a Kindle e-book