Public Involvement & Media Relations Services

Public Affairs

Public Affairs is the art and science of influencing public opinion on behalf of a company or organization. Public Affairs represents an organization’s efforts to monitor and manage its business environment and combines all the tools listed below: media relations, government affairs, issues management, communications strategy, public relations and crisis management.

Communications Strategy

Don Martin Public Affairs focuses on managing client challenges and issues by developing a results-oriented communications plan based on smart strategy and defined goals and objectives. Tools include assessing issues, message research, polling, developing key internal and external messages, targeting audiences, enforcing message discipline, and coordinating legal issues with the communication needs of the organization. Research helps us target which messages appeal to certain audiences to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message.

Issues Management

We assist your team by coordinating strategy to affect an up-coming issue or problem. We facilitate building community support and public approvals for a wide range of projects and public issues using a variety of traditional and cutting-edge web-based tools. Developing the right strategy for the team and re-enforcing the message correctly is the key to success.

Media Relations

Our long-term media relationships and expertise benefit our clients by getting their issues the attention that is needed, where and when it is needed. Or diverting attention if desired. One-on-one meetings with the correct media representatives for the issue, and planned messaging to local, state and national media are a few of our strengths. We also offer key internet and social media strategies, and individualized media training.

Crisis Planning and Crisis Response

An emerging crisis is generally too late to begin planning. Fortunately many crises can be avoided ahead of time with a “vulnerability audit” and pre-writing key messages for potential problems. If, however, a crisis arises unexpectedly, we are available 24/7 to assist with the crisis response. Your issue will likely be reported whether you like it or not, or posted on some web site, and it takes an experienced team to address these issues quickly and effectively and to minimize damage.

Public Relations

Basic public relations is our strong suit. We work to put you, your company, or issue in the best possible light by applying tried and true PR tactics with a wide array of communications tools including media outreach, creation of collateral materials, social media, public meetings, speakers bureaus, coalition development, educating allies, and more

Internet Online Reputation Management

We have considerable experience in working with Online Reputation Mangement (ORM).  Whether it is proactively strengthening a client’s position and reputation on the web, or addressing and working to remove negative and/or erroneous items online, or performing in-depth Search Engine Optimization, we have got you covered.  In rare cases with extreme and deeply embedded web issues, we ocassionally bring in a major national firm and work with them to provide the positive content needed to help solve the problem.

Check out our new Do It Yourself workbook on Online Reputation Management and Repair Workbook published in November 2011, and our Reputation-Fix site.

Litigation Support

We have broad experience in working with legal teams in providing litigation support, whether it is through the use of the news media, creating community awareness, spokesperson identification and training, or other actions. We cannot, of course, influence the jury pool, but we can help influence the court of public opinion. Ask about a range of examples where we have helped in this regard.

Public Engagement

We have overseen public engagement, public information and public outreach for a variety of projects – some via a formal process and others through basis PR techniques.   Projects include Del Webb’s Sun City Georgetown outreach program, Longhorn Pipeline, Hill Country Galleria,  numerous bond and referendum issues (Bergstrom referendum, Round Rock half-cent salestax, Westbank Library bond issue, Dell Diamond referendum, etc.), and others. In January 2013 Don Martin Public Affairs was chosen to assist with Public Involvement for the Central Texas Mobility Authority’s (CTRMA) environmental assessment for the MoPac South toll lane project.