Dropbox is favorite program of 2010

Welcome to 2011!  And here’s my all-time favorite new (and free) program for you from the year 2010.  http://www.Dropbox.com 

It’s my New Year’s present to you.  Once you get it you won’t be able to live without it.   

Have a group of documents you’re always working on and adding to? Place them all in a Dropbox documents folder on your desktop and you can modify them at home, work, and on the road on any computers where you have also installed Dropbox (with your username and password of course).  All new additions to a document stayed synced automatically.  Even across different platforms (between Mac and PC, for example).  Meanwhile, for 2011, here are 5 new ways to use Dropbox that you probably haven’t even thought of.  Go to: